Today’s Engagement Rings Are Both Trendy and Timeless

Today’s Engagement Rings Are Both Trendy and Timeless

Because it’s ’til death do you part for you and your ring, too.

As a jewelry obsessed woman who also happens to wear an engagement ring, I never realized how often I look down at my ring on a daily basis. I peer at it out of habit, I frequently adjust it, and when I’m driving, it’s the first thing I notice when my hand is on the wheel. I often see others checking my stone out, too. It is an accessory that we, as engaged or married women, wear every single day—or shall I put it like this: every. single. day. I’m gesturing at the fact that this circular metal and gemstone symbol of love is hopefully going to be a part of your entire life, so it is imperative that it’s a ring you love.

I’ve traveled all across the globe, visited hundreds of jewelry stores and designers’ studios seeking out the best in engagement ring styles. I’ve been following ring trends like they’re the latest meme account on Instagram, continually in tune with what’s current and popular at the moment. Most women describe their ideal engagement ring with a few choice words, one of them being “timeless.” Yes, they want trendy and they want sparkle, but above all, they want something that will stand the test of time.

So here are the top ten rings that are practically guaranteed to feel current a month, a year and a decade from now. You should be able to celebrate your twenty year anniversary while wearing a ring you still adore and cherish. These are the rings that won’t leave you scrambling for a redesign just a few years after saying “I do.”

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