When to Consider a Custom Design

If you can’t find exactly what you want, here’s how to go about getting a custom jewelry design.

Do you turn left when your friends go right? Are trends trivial to you? Do you march to a different beat? If so, you’ll appreciate jewelry that’s not available to everyone. You’re a candidate for custom jewelry design.

The same is true if you’ve searched jewelry stores and websites and still not found a gift for that truly special someone — something that represents your unique relationship. It’s also entirely possible you are the special someone — and can’t find the right piece that represents your unique style.

It’s important to understand the difference between customized and custom jewelry. If you engrave someone’s name or “build” a piece of jewelry from a list of options, you will end up with a personalized, meaningful and beautiful piece of customized jewelry.

Custom jewelry, though, is designed from scratch, and the design is used only once. Custom jewelry is often an option when you can’t find exactly what you want (like an updated version of your grandmother’s now-lost Art Deco earrings). Custom rings may be similar to something you saw online, but with a simpler design for a diminutive finger. Or perhaps it’s a pendant that follows a favorite neckline style or calls to mind a memory of something — or someone — special. You might have diamonds or gemstones from a ring you want to rework into another piece of jewelry that represents you. Regardless of the reason behind the vision, custom jewelry is the ultimate expression that a loved one took the time to understand the recipient in a meaningful way.

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