Considering a Custom Design

Want your engagement ring to be a story starter for years to come? Learn the process, pros and cons of custom designing your own special ring.

Let’s get this out of the way first: Every committed relationship and the love it stems from is unique. You can and should find an engagement ring that is uniquely fitting to both that love and the finger that will carry it, well, for a lifetime.

The specifics of that distinctly perfect ring vary from couple to couple because — you got it — every one of us is unique! Many will find the perfect engagement ring by choosing and combining individual elements — diamonds or gemstones, metal, setting, band style — and using these basic building blocks to uncover an infinite number of truly individual styles. Others will want to add special touches to further personalize their rings.

And some will find that the standard white diamond center stone — possibly flanked by side stones and set in gold or platinum — just isn’t for them, but will still find the non-traditional ring they seek in a jeweler’s (or high-end designer’s) display case.

However, if you have a singular vision of how your ring should appear and can’t find it anywhere, you might consider a custom design. Every engagement ring has a story, but if you also want yours to be a story starter decades after you say “I do,” then a custom engagement ring may be for you.

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