Holiday Gift Ideas for Men

As the holiday gift-buying season bears down, it wouldn’t be surprising if the ones left on your list are your father, husband, son or another male relative or friend. Finding holiday gifts for men — ones they’ll really appreciate — can be a challenge. The jewelry store may not be the first place that pops into your mind, but it can be a treasure trove of possibilities when gift shopping for men.

Here are some great holiday gift ideas for men. Which ones do you think the man you’re shopping for would appreciate most?


Available in many styles and various materials, including metal and high-grade leather, choose designs that have a substantial, masculine look.


Worn with French-cuff shirts, these come in countless styles, some with gemstones, and are suitable for men who want — or need — to make an upwardly mobile impression at work.


Whether your special guy wears one or two, the holidays are a good time to expand his wardrobe of ear jewelry. You don’t even have to worry about the size.


This is a popular masculine style in all types of jewelry, usually in gold and sterling silver.


Box, rope and Figaro are among popular styles for men.


Not just for women, pendants that hang from neck chains come in many styles suitable for men and boys. Themes include sports, religion (cross, prayer box, blessing box), military (all branches of the Armed Services) and medical (symbols for doctors and nurses, as well as ones with the medical alert emblem on the front and a solid back that can be engraved with important information such as cardiac history or severe allergies).


Although many guys have never worn any jewelry other than a class ring or wedding band, some are completely open to considering bold men’s rings. Popular metals range from white and yellow gold to more unusual choices such as titanium and tungsten. Such rings for men not only look attractive, but also have a story to tell because of the unusual material. Some also come with a gemstone (diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby and smoky quartz are popular for men, as are black onyx, green malachite and blue lapis lazuli).


You’ll have many options to consider, from inexpensive electronic models with quartz movements to fully mechanical watches operated by springs that have to be wound (a good option for the mechanically inclined) to high-end digital Swiss watches with lots of additional functions. Watches come with round, square or rectangular cases and a metal band or leather strap. You’ll find some men’s watches with a sports team logo emblazoned on the face, and some called chronographs, the most basic of which is a combination display and stopwatch. You’ll even find pocket watches, an elegant nod to yesteryear that may be on the comeback trail.

OK, it’s time to shop! Keep the information you’ve gathered top of mind, but also ask your Crown Jewels and Coin jeweler for even more ideas.


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