How To: Stacking Bracelets

Get more mileage from your bracelet collection by mixing and matching them.

If you want to partake in this wearable trend, but not sure you can “pull it off,”- keep these tips in mind and let the fun begin.

Bracelet stacking 101

Jewelry stacking of all kinds has gained a strong following, such as wearing lots of rings together and layering a variety of necklaces. Given how you can swap jewelry pieces in and out to suit your mood and outfit, this is one trend we don’t see getting old any time soon. So, why should your wrists and arms miss out on all the fun?

Wearing a few bangles together is nothing new. But today’s fashionistas have discovered that you don’t need to stop there when exploring the possibilities of your bracelet collection. Intermingling metals, materials and colors works for bracelets just as well as it does for rings and necklaces. The end result can range from rock-and-roll glam to sweet and bohemian. One theory why the trend has picked up steam: with all of us consulting smartphones and other devices so often, our hands and wrists are on display and a point of focus more than ever.


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