Jewelry 101: Bracelets and Anklets

It can be lots of fun to dress up your wrists and ankles with a bit — or a lot — of shine and shimmer. Bracelets are a versatile, easy-to-wear fashion accessory, while anklets add a subtle touch to an often-overlooked body part.

Knowing a bit about different types of bracelets and anklets can make it easier to navigate your options at the jewelry store. In both cases, you should weigh style against how they’ll feel on you.

Bracelet types


Bangle bracelets are round, solid bracelets that slide over the hand, fit loosely on the wrist, and can vary in width. Bangles may be worn in stacks. They’re usually made of metal.

Cuff bracelets are wider and usually have a gap or clasp that fits over the wrist. Cuffs can be metal and you may also find them in leather.

Given the thickness and inflexibility of most bangle and cuff bracelets, they aren’t usually adapted for wearing as anklets.


A classic accessory, tennis bracelets are equally right with dressy or casual clothes. The timeless, simple setting is designed to emphasize the natural beauty of its precious gemstones — usually diamonds — and metals, making it a serious investment piece.

Tennis bracelets are thin and flexible and comfortable to wear. Diamond versions can vary widely in carat weight and quality, but should be well made and have a secure clasp.

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