Land the Job: Jewelry to Wear on an Interview

You’ve got an interview — congratulations! Now figure out what to wear and how to accessorize with jewelry.

The general advice for job seekers, whether it’s your first step in your career after graduating or working your way up the ladder, is to dress like you’ve already got the job you want. When it comes to your apparel, that choice can depend on your industry, your locality and the norms of the workplace. It also applies to your jewelry and other accessories. This article is intended to be pretty broad advice. If you’re already familiar with the company culture where you’ll be interviewing, because you’ve already worked or interned there, let that guide your choices.

As any job-seeker knows, getting your resume or CV through the screening process is an accomplishment all on its own. Now that you’re getting face time, you want to make the most of this opportunity. The same rules apply for job fairs — you’ll be meeting with a recruiting representative and also want to look your best. Whatever you do, you want to look polished.

Keep it simple

This applies to everyone. The focus should be on you, not on what you’re wearing- unless of course you’re interviewing for a job in the fashion industry, then it doesn’t hurt to show a little bit of your unique style.

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