Maintenance and Damage Protection

Your fine jewelry is valuable to you for many reasons. Of course, it’s precious for personal reasons: because of who gave it to you, from whom you inherited it or for the memory of when you treated yourself to that special piece.

It holds monetary value too — value that can either increase or decrease depending on how you care for and store it. Whether you plan to perhaps trade a piece in eventually, have it remade or keep it until you pass it down to the next generation, it’s always going to be important to care for your jewelry so it can retain in its value and stay as beautiful as the day you received it. Jumbling jewelry together in a box or container, only to have to dig for the piece you want, can result in scratched stones and nicked metals. Storing jewelry in inappropriate containers made from the wrong materials or leaving it exposed to air can shorten the life of your favorite pieces and affect their quality as well. Not cleaning your jewelry regularly or — perhaps even worse — cleaning it improperly can damage it as well.

When not to wear

It’s tempting for some to wear a favorite piece of jewelry always, never taking it off to wash dishes, bathe or sleep. Such treatment of your most precious possession can unfortunately shorten its life or put it in danger of being lost. Some tips:

  • Remove your jewelry when playing sports or at the gym.
  • Don’t wear your jewelry in the pool, spa or sauna.
  • Don’t wear jewelry when doing household chores.
  • Put your jewelry on after you have finished your hair and makeup to avoid spraying or getting unnecessary amounts of product on it.
  • Don’t sleep in your jewelry.

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