She’s one of a kind, so why not propose with a ring made just for her. Our custom design process gives you the creativity to make it your way.

We start by turning what’s in your mind into 3-dimensional wax model for you to hold and view. The wax model is a true to size representation of what will be cast into metal. Once you’ve approved of the wax or made any changes, we then cast your wax intro an unfinished piece of jewelry. From there, our in house jeweler is able to set your accent stones and center diamond. Once all the diamonds are in place, the jeweler finishes and polishes the ring to make it look perfect.

We can custom design engagement rings, shadow wedding bands, pendants, family or name jewelry, men’s, earrings, or any type of jewelry you’d like. You can schedule an appointment with one of our custom design specialists, simply contact our store